Eric W.

I wanted to share my experience with this company.
In December my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and had only a few short weeks left to live. Distraught, my family didn’t know what to do; we were all in a haze with such devastating news. Fortunately, I know a friend who works in healthcare, and she immediately recommended V Care.
As soon as we reached out to V Care, here came the nurse known as Carrie. She came to my grandmother’s house with coffee, doughnuts and an amazing bubbly personality. She consoled my grandma. She explained everything from start to finish. She also sat with her in our living room for 3 hours, holding my grandmother’s hands and cried with her, while she listened to my Grandma tell her all about my grandfather’s life.
She was compassionate, but more than just that, you could tell she had an amazing energy to her that made you feel as though this was not someone working within a company just to make a living, but this was an actual friend who was here to care for you, and your loved one. She didn’t listen to these stories out of mere obligation, she listened to these stories out of sheer interest. Never have I met someone who is the total embodiment of doing what you love, and then my family met Carrie.
When my Grandmother was overwhelmed with all of the funeral arrangements, Carrie made suggestions. When my Grandma was tired from staying up all night with what was to come on her mind, Carrie came in and sent her out to get her hair done. When the time came and Grandpa passed away, here came Carrie with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and hugged everyone.
Words cannot describe nor express what Carrie had given to my family in such a time of pain. We can never repay her for her kindness.
Thank you V Care for the exceptional service provided, and thank you to Carrie for finding a rare way to ease the pain of losing a loved one.