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V Care Hospice Services of Illinois

V Care Hospice Services of Illinois provides superior care for families facing a life-limiting or life-threatening condition. We are graciously committed to our mission that all entrusted to our care will receive the highest level of compassion, respect, and clinical services available. V Care Hospice services patients in the comfort of their own homes or medical facilities. We currently service Lake, Cook, DuPage, and Kane counties. We have skilled clinical staff who are proficient in the following languages English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish.

Our organization stands out as being nurse-owned and operated, which brings a unique perspective and level of expertise to the care we provide.

Supporting Dignity and Comfort at Every Step

Our vision for hospice care is to establish a nurturing and empathetic environment where individuals confronting end-of-life challenges are embraced with personalized attention aimed at enhancing their comfort, dignity, and serenity. We are dedicated to empowering both patients and their families by offering a wide array of support services tailored to their specific needs, cultivating deep and meaningful connections, and respecting and honoring their individual preferences and values every step of the way. Through our compassionate approach, we aspire to provide solace, strength, and a sense of peace during this profound journey.

Embracing Holistic Hospice Services

We offer comprehensive interdisciplinary hospice care services that encompass a diverse team including nurses, hospice aides, chaplains, social workers, and a medical director. Our services extend to providing essential equipment and supplies, catering to all levels of hospice care including routine, continuous, respite, and inpatient care. With our clinical staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we ensure continuous support and assistance for our patients and their families throughout their hospice journey.

We also provide a range of supportive services designed to enhance the holistic well-being of our patients and their families. This includes pain management, symptom control, emotional and spiritual counseling, assistance with activities of daily living, bereavement support, and coordination of care with other healthcare providers. Our goal is to offer comprehensive, compassionate care that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of those we serve, ensuring comfort, dignity, and peace during this sensitive time

Support in End-of-Life Care

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Dedicated to delivering the optimal experience.

Our commitment to excellence, empathy, and dignity ensures that patients and families receive the highest quality care, making V Care Hospice a trusted partner in providing comfort, peace, and comfort during life’s most challenging moments.


24/7 Availability and Support

We provide 24/7 availability and support with on-call nurses and emotional assistance. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.


Top-rated Hospice Care Provider

We have extensive experience in delivering hospice care and consistently receive high ratings in Medicare surveys.